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Red Light

Climate Activists Tell the EV Industry to Fix Its Filthy Supply Chain

EV production often relies on coal power and harmful labor practices. Climate activists in Squid Games costumes disrupted the LA Auto Show this weekend to demand urgent change.

Regulations and Solutions

New York Wants More Electric Ubers. Everyone Is Mad

New York City is lagging in the electric vehicle transition, and officials want to speed it up. What could go wrong? Well, the court’s involved now.

How to Charge Your Phone Faster With Adaptive Charging

Your phone battery will slowly wear down over time. Here’s how to make sure it stays healthier for longer.

SpaceX’s Starship Lost Shortly After Launch of Second Test Flight

This is SpaceX’s second attempt at sending Starship on a round-the-globe trip, following an April test flight that failed after only four minutes. This one lasted a few minutes longer.

The I-10 Freeway Fire May Have Been Fueled by Exploding Hand Sanitizer

WIRED reporting indicates that surplus hand sanitizer was being stored under an I-10 freeway overpass in Los Angeles that went up in flames last weekend. Excess sanitizer has been linked to a string of toxic and damaging fires.

Oceans and Waterways

Turn Boring Tap Water Into Tasty Mineral Water With This Countertop Dispenser

Lang's machine filters your tap water and adds healthy minerals to it, precluding the need to buy wasteful bottled water.

Scientists Have Been Freezing Corals for Decades. Now They're Learning How to Wake Them Up

Deep-frozen corals, cryopreserved in the hope of restoring ocean ecosystems, are growing up. Could the futuristic technique eventually save dying reefs?

The Surprising Reason Sea Creatures Are Getting Hungrier

As ocean temperatures climb, so do animals’ metabolisms. If extra food isn’t available, they’ll starve.

A Major Alarm Is Flashing Under Greenland’s Ice

Greenland’s northern ice shelves have lost more than a third of their volume since 1978, new research finds.

Extreme Heat

A Summer of Record Heat Deals Costly Damage to Texas Water Systems

As dry soils contract, underground pipes rupture—disrupting cities, frustrating conservation efforts, and highlighting the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to a warming climate.

Burying Power Lines Prevents Wildfires. But There’s a Cost

Investigators are eying the Lahaina wildfire as yet another deadly blaze started by electrical equipment. Putting lines underground would help—at a steep cost.

This Brutal Summer in 10 Alarming Maps and Graphs

From the Maui wildfires to ultrahigh ocean temperatures, climate change is leaving its devastating mark on the Earth. It’s but a taste of the pain to come.

Meta’s News Block Causes Chaos as Canada Burns

News has been removed from Facebook and Instagram after the Canadian government told Meta to pay publishers, leaving consumers unable to access vital information during wildfires.