How to choose the right golf club?

Every golfer needs to ensure that they have the right clubs. Your body type, physical condition, height, and a number of other factors come into play when deciding which golf clubs you should rent or purchase. If you are a beginning golfer, you may not understand how to find the golf clubs that work best for you. Here are some of the things that you need to look at when trying to choose a golf club.

  • The Grip. Your grip is incredibly important, and there are several factors that go into choosing the right grip. How thick is it? The thinner it is, the more effort your hands have to put into swinging. Too thick, and you will have grip problems. The grip is a good size if your middle and ring fingers barely touch the pad of your thumb.
  • The Shaft. The shaft, or the long part, of the club is important because that is what determines how “tall” the club is. How tall are you? The taller you are, the longer your shaft needs to be. If you swing hard, you’ll need a stronger (usually thicker as well) shaft. You will likely have to try out several clubs and see how much pressure you put on the club when you swing. If you don’t pay attention to the shaft, you could damage your clubs or have trouble making your swings.
  • Loft. This is the part of the club that is closest to the face of the shaft. The less loft you have, the less slices you will deal with.
  • Clubhead. The Clubhead is the part of the golf club that you talk about when you discuss the type of iron it is (5 iron, 7 iron, etc). You can also get different sizes of heads as well; some people will choose bigger clubheads because you’re less likely to “whiff” the ball with them. In a set of clubs, you may have golf clubs with several different types of clubheads.

In some cases, you may be able to find golf clubs that are specially made for someone like you (if you’re female, if you’re a teenager, etc). The professionals at the store or pro shop that you are purchasing your clubs from will also be able to help you decide on the right golf clubs. We hope this short guide helped you learn exactly what you need to do to find the right golf clubs for you.

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