Why You Should Dress Formally when Playing Golf

Golf is a game with many traditions, and one of those traditions is that the players dress nicer than they would to play in other sports. Collared golf shirts, slacks or nice shorts, and proper golf shoes are all common sights around golf courses. While it isn’t exactly black tie attire, golf clothes are still meant to look nice and give the game a touch of class. Some golf courses have relaxed their dress code standards in recent years, but there are still plenty of good reasons to dress nicely when you head to the course.

Following are three reasons why you should take pride in your attire and dress formally when you tee it up –

  • Play all the courses. While some courses don’t require nice dress to play, many still do. If you make it a habit to dress nicely when you play golf, you can know that you will be able to play anywhere you wish without making changes to your wardrobe. Rather than wearing nice clothes for some rounds and old worn out clothes for others, simply dress formal for all of your rounds.
  • Dress for success. You will feel more ‘like a golfer’ when you dress nicely, and your performance on the course just might match that look. When you watch golf on TV, all of the professionals take pride in their appearance and make an effort to look good. If you wish to emulate their ability on the course, you might want to start by emulating the way they look. If you already have nice clothes that you wear to work or other formal functions, you may find that those same clothes transition nicely into your golf wardrobe.
  • Fit in with the crowd. Depending on where you play your golf, the rest of the players at the course are likely going to be dressed pretty nicely. To fit in with the crowd and possibly meet new people to play golf with, you will want to fit in with what you wear. It doesn’t have to be expensive clothes that give you a formal look at the course – you can purchase affordable shirts and pants that still look nice and are proper golf attire. Over time, you will likely accumulate a collection of golf clothes and will have no trouble putting together a nice outfit each time you decide to head to the course.

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