A Recipe For The Perfect Golfing Holiday In Santa Cruz, Portugal

Santa Cruz is known for its large surfing beaches, rustic towns, and—of course—it’s marvellous golf courses. While it’s hard to imagine yourself not enjoying a holiday like this, we’ve compiled a list of six things that will make your Santa Cruz holiday even better.

Have your golfing planned out in advance

One of the best ways to enjoy your holiday to the maximum is to have the golfing aspect all planned out. This includes transport to golf courses, booking clubs and courses on certain days, as well as being ready with your golf equipment. Also make sure the weather is conducive to great play time.

Go at the right time of year

As a golfer, you’d prefer not to play in the rain. There is a rainy season in Santa Cruz to be taken note of that lasts for approximately one and a half months. The rest of the year is mostly sunny which is why it’s such a golfing hot spot. Just make sure you go at the best time.

Have your transport ready

There’s a lot to do in Santa Cruz, and you’ll want the freedom to do it all. Transport can be expensive if you haven’t planned it out in advance. See if there are transport solutions included in your holiday package. If not, arrange shuttle services ahead of time.

Try something new

If you’re going to Santa Cruz for a golf holiday, don’t sell yourself short and just play golf. There are a whole lot of alternative activities you simply must make time for. These include festival and market roaming, learning how to surf, and fun nightlife navigation. You can also try your hand at many of the ocean activities such as sailing or stand up paddling in the coves.

Brush up on your game

But don’t forget that this is a golfing vacation. Make some extra time for practice drills and get ready to enjoy some magnificent golf courses with your friends and family. If golf practice is part of your holiday, visit a driving range that’s near to your accommodation and get ready to play your friends later.

Don’t go alone

Which brings us to the final ingredient: Santa Cruz is a destination that should be shared with as many people as possible. While there are plenty of activities for your kids and those family members who aren’t into golf, make sure you do have a golf companion to enjoy those gorgeous golf courses with.

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