5 Tricks That Will Help You Avoid Skied Drives

Skied drives are a common occurrence for a lot of amateur players. This happens in most cases because of poor weight management. There are a lot of beginner players who still struggle to get their weight appropriately shifted to their respective feet when they are playing. Apart from beginner players, the same also happens to some of the semi-pro players.

Incredibly this is a common problem, so when you realize that you are sending your shots way higher into the skies on your drivers, there are a number of things that you can do to help you stop making this mistake. The biggest problem with skied shots is that in the long run they end up costing you so much yards off the tee. Other than that, you end up with ballooning scores, and lots of your approach shots will not be as amazing as you would have loved them to be.

To address this issue we will need to look at some of the things that happen during this swing, and then we can use the same to address the problem. The following tips will work well for you:

  • Weight management
  • The swing arc
  • The tee height
  • The position of the ball
  • Reverse pivots

Weight management

One of the first things that you have to do is to make sure you have at least 60% of your weight on the leg that you have in front. This will help you strike the ball appropriately. In this sense, you end up with a good angle of attack into the golf ball, and a resultant awesome strike.

The swing arc

Another reason why you might be getting skied shots is because you have a really steep arc in your swing. What happens is that you are basically coming down on the ball like someone who is swinging a wedge. If you can stop this, you will not be sending the shots in the air any more.

The tee height

Try and make sure that you do not tee the ball too high. Setting a really high tee makes it difficult for you to make proper contact with the ball, so try and set an appropriate height.

The position of the ball

Make sure that you play the ball from the inside of your front foot. Most players do the opposite and this is why they end up with some of these weird shots.

Reverse pivots

You need to learn how to stop making your pivots erroneously. This will help you achieve the perfect shots.

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