What it Takes to Be a Good Golfer: Seven Things to Remember

If you want to be a good golfer, you probably understand that the road to success in this game is a long one. Golf is one of the most-challenging games in the world, and it will take plenty of practice and hard work to play high-quality golf on a regular basis. With that said, it is possible – as long as you are willing to learn and make mistakes along the way. Following are seven things to remember as you make your way down the road toward better golf.

  1. Everyone hits bad shots. It doesn’t matter who you are, bad shots are a part of the game. The sooner you can learn this lesson, the sooner you will be able to stop letting them bother you. Responding to a bad shot positively is an important skill for a golfer.
  2. Everyone gets bad breaks. One of the cruel parts of the game is that even some of your good shots might not end up that good. Bad bounces are a part of golf that you need to accept as well. When you hit a good shot that doesn’t end up where you wanted, be happy with the swing you made and stay positive for the next shot.
  3. Experience is important. It will likely take time and plenty of rounds of golf before you get to the level you are hoping to achieve. There is no replacement for the lessons that can be learned on the course through trial and error.
  4. The details matter. The smallest pieces of your swing – things like your grip and your stance – are very important when it comes to the ball flight you create and the shots you are capable of hitting.
  5. Love the pressure. Whether you are feeling pressure because you are playing in a tournament, or just because you are trying to set a new low round, learn to enjoy the pressure and get comfortable playing your best even when you feel nervous.
  6. Be determined. You will have bad rounds on the course when it just doesn’t seem like you can do anything right. Don’t give up – accept the challenge that golf offers and keep working to get better.
  7. Have fun. Golf is a game, and it should always be fun. Make sure to enjoy the experience, no matter how you are playing.

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