Must-Know Tips On How To Handle Side-Hill Bunker Shots

Golfers lacking experience playing a side-hill bunker may wonder what the best technique to consider is. For these types of shots players will need to think outside of the box. Meaning, you may need to set up for the shot differently than normal. Even professional golfers have tackled this play with untraditional approaches because of the uniqueness of the ball position. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to improve chances of a positive outcome. Here are some tips to think about when handling side-hill bunker shots.

Being Physically Fit Can Be an Asset

A side hill bunker shot can be intimidating to someone who is out of shape or deals with aches and pains in certain parts of the body. There are exercises good for golfers to complete on a regular basis that can help you achieve different positions when addressing the ball. You can find pictures of your favorite pro golfer tackling this shot. You will notice there are players who find themselves in awkward positions. It may look awkward to you but to them it may be nothing out of the ordinary.

Have an Idea How Much Sand Should Come Up Depending on Swing Speed

When you think about your shot think about how much sand will come up. This gives an idea of how far the ball with travel and how your position will play a role in how to hit the ball up and out. You should anticipate some sand coming up but not too much. This gives an idea of what kind of divot or indentation you may leave in the sand after the ball is hit. If you go in the sand too deep you could hurt yourself or make it even more difficult to get the ball out.

Practice Getting the Ball into the Air

You don’t have to wait until a situation like this comes along to get in practice. You can consider going on the course and consider different angles you would need to hit the ball from when it lands in sand or in a tricky spot. For the most part, you want to get the ball in the air, consider your target area, and how much energy can you generate with your swing. You can practice different positions you may need to get into to help yourself get more comfortable.

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