How to Hit a Good Shot from a Sand Trap in Golf

Sand trap shots can be great opportunities to push your skills and see what you are capable of. Some golfers get nervous when taking such shots since they do required a little more patience. This presents a good challenge since you need to focus on where you want the ball to go once you make contact. Since there are different ways this can be played depending on where the ball lands, it helps to have basic tips you can use no matter where the ball is played. Consider the following tips to learn how you can develop your own technique for hitting good sand shots.

Make Sure You Aim for the Green

You will have a number of goals to set as you work on developing a good shot from the sand trap. One element is to work toward getting your ball back onto the green. You need to be consistent in your efforts. This means you can worry less about getting the ball closer to the hole, until you get it out of the sand and on the green. Some golfers will hit their ball into the sand more than once creating more frustration.

Use the Right Iron to Help You Attempt Your Shot

A sand wedge is a common iron to use. Think about it from another perspective: you need something to help you scoop the ball, but using the wrong iron would be like using a fork to eat soup. You can determine the best way to setup for your shot depending on your stance and technique you want to use to help you address the ball.

Pay Attention to Your Stance

The ball can be played toward the center and with an open stance you have a better chance. You should consider swinging your club in the direction your body is angled. So, if your body is aimed toward the left of the ball or your target, your swing may lean toward the same direction. Just ensure your clubface is open somewhat to help the ball go in the direction you want it to go.

What You Should Avoid

You need to hit the ball, but it is okay to hit the sand. Some golfers try to avoid hitting the sand to make a cleaner shot. If you do this you may not get the ball to travel very far. You can hit just below the sand right underneath the ball for some loft.

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