Top 5 Golf Drills You Can Do without a Club

When you find yourself not able to get to the course or when you have some time to practice but your clubs aren’t present, there are convenient ways to practice golf drills. Sometimes it can be helpful to practice without a club. It forces you to take more notice of your body movement and positioning. You can easily see what changes you need to make and get a feel for how certain parts of the body should move as you make shots on the course. Here are 5 ideas for drills to consider you can practice without a golf club.

  1. To practice your hand swing positioning, use a book. There are ways you can use a book to improve your grip. You simply place a book between your hands so that each palm is flat on one side. You can pretend you are holding a club and swing as normal. But, pay attention to how your wrists and shoulders change position. There are times when you hold a club this should or should not occur depending on the shot being taken.
  2. To practice your swing use a mop, broom or stick. You can use a wet mop to help you practice swings for changing weather conditions such as rain or wind. You may have more pressure or weight to deal with when playing in the rain and the wet mop is good practice for those situations. Use a broom to help you practice your form as if you were holding a club or swinging with a club.
  3. Golf swing practice without a club through exercise. This can be seen as stretching but you can use a variety of techniques available free online through video tutorials. As you practice you want to see how well you can keep your arms straight, keep your head down and your shoulders in place.
  4. To practice making ball impact use an exercise ball (body compression). You can use an exercise ball propped against the wall while practicing your form without holding a club. This gives a sense of body balance and control as your stance is in different positions.
  5. Impact drill with just arms and hands. Crease elbow and wrist of lead arm and hand. You can hunker down as if you are ready to swing.

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