How To Beat Your Buddies On The San Lorenzo Golf Course

Golfing is largely associated with class and status. Golfers around the world love to play against friends and buddies and so when it comes to mentioning top-notch golf courses, San Lorenzo Golf Club in Portugal will always reign atop many others in the entire world. Christened as a world class golf course, this is definitely a place you will love golfing with friends. It sits on a natural reserve and the pine forests surrounding it make wondrous to playing experience here.

How to play and win against friends in San Lorenzo golf course?

Upgrade your golfing skills

Well, if you want to experience the fame and flow that comes with being a member of San Lorenzo golfing club, then you have got to stop being a novice or amateur by fine tuning your playing tricks. Do not be discouraged whenever you are playing with friends with whom you share the same skills.

Avoid clubface angling

When you want to win a golf match even if you are playing against your buddies and on the finest course like San Lorenzo, it is important that you don’t drive with the face of the club inclined at an angle in order to have the ball tossed on a straight line. Try to hit the ball at 90 degrees and this should be consistent if you want to avoid having the ball going to unintended direction.

Be flexible

Hitting the ball while stiff would deny you victory against your friends. You want to win in San Lorenzo golf course, so whenever you are preparing a hit out, make sure your body is loosened up as this is the only way to hit with power and energy. Note that staying in the same position even for successive hits engraves in your mind a good stance for hits consistency.

On the same note, try to wiggle your toes whenever you want to take a shot as this would help you assume the right posture or stance before taking a swing. Leaning forward over the ball, but not too much would also help with slight feet movements necessary for a powerful hit.

Enjoy the game, experience San Lorenzo golf course

Well, if you want to have a truly fulfilling golfing experience even in this world class course, it is always important than you dive in with an aim of not just winning, but also enjoying the game. Frequent practice and learning a few tips here and there will also make a good golfing experience against friends.

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