Golf prompts: you should understand your body pivot

Your body pivot is an important aspect of your golf swing. This helps you maintain balance and make the connection you need as you swing to hit the ball. Another aspect includes proper posture to help your body pivot in an effective manner without self-injury. It is a matter of paying attention to your body as you move. Instead of just focusing on the upper body as you turn to swing, the bottom potion of your body also plays a role in how you pivot. You should also be familiar with body movements to avoid. Consider the following points to help you understand body pivot.

  • Your golf swing includes effort from your upper and lower body. This means your swing is actually controlled by your body instead of your arms. You need to have a good sense of balance when you swing since your upper body alone does not swing alone. This also contributes to a good swing.
  • Have an idea of what muscles are working for you while you swing. Your legs are actually considered the strongest muscle and contribute greatly to your swing. Sometimes you need to consider using your arms less! This can help you get more distance when you have a better idea how your muscles help you accomplish a complete swing.
  • If you swing with a flat foot chances are you are swinging with your upper body. This means your feet do not move when you swing or pivot. Do you face the target when you complete your swing? Or are you more sideways? This may signal you need to change your body position to allow for a pivot to help improve your swing.
  • Good posture is important. But you need to have a good idea on how you should stand before you swing. If you are standing straight or bent over too much you may complete your entire swing improperly. You can stand straight enough to help your body pivot properly. Many beginners overlook this aspect and it contributes to a large number of missed shots due to inconsistencies in posture.
  • When you complete your swing sequence, check your stance. You can do this by taking a swing and holding your position after the swing is completed. Your stomach should be facing your target. You back foot and toes should be in line with your target. These aspects can give a good idea on whether your pivot is correct.

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