Top 10 Golf Tournament Formats

There are various formats a tournament can play and selecting the right one for you may depend on personal skill level and interest. There are favorite formats for beginners and experienced players that continue to test their abilities with challenging plays. In some cases it is a matter of reviewing options that offer a competitive edge when it comes to playing as a group. You are sure to find what you are looking. The following are a few varieties to help you start your search.

  1. Stroke play. Players add strokes completed at each hole and the one with the lowest score is the winner. This is an individual play and most basic option.
  2. Scramble format. Four players tee off and the best shot is selected. The other 3 players will then take their ball to the location of the best shot and then continue playing. Charity events commonly use this format.
  3. Singles match play is when a player plays against another at a hole. When a player wins a hole they get one point. You win based on how many points up against your competitor.
  4. Four ball match play. Teams of two play their own ball, the low score of the team will serve first, and the team with the lowest score on a hole earns a point.
  5. Blind-hole tournament. This is a team or individual event where only nine holes determine a winner. Players do not have the advantage over blind holes through random tee selection.
  6. Fewest putts. Handicaps are not used and strokes completed with a putter on the putting surface are counted.
  7. Flag tournament. A popular twist on stroke play for individual players. Players take a flag and stick it in the ground where a ball lies after completing a certain number of strokes with their handicap and equal par.
  8. Card sharks. As an individual play or team event, a team of four players compete with other teams. For each hole, two players play to determine the score for the team at the hole.
  9. Pink ball. As a team event or individual play, it offers plenty of challenges for players as groups are given a pink ball, plays it while alternating it with other players pink balls.
  10. Best ball. A team score is determined by the lowest individual score as players play their own hole as rounds are made.

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