How to Learn the Rules of Golf in a Few Days

When you just get started playing golf, it can seem like there are an impossible number of rules to learn and remember. While there are quite a few rules that go into playing a round of golf, most of them are pretty easy to learn. As you gain experience on the course and start to encounter more and more situations that help you learn different rules, you should get a pretty good handle on it in the near future.

To get a jump start on your understanding of the rules of golf, use the tips below.

  • Give the rule book a quick read. The golf rule book itself isn’t actually that long, and can be read in a pretty short amount of time. Get a copy of the rule book and read it through when you have some down time. While you certainly aren’t going to remember all of the rules just from reading through the book once, it will give you a good idea of how the book is laid out, and what the basic rules structure looks like.
  • Test yourself. After you have done your reading, locate a golf rules test online and see how many of the rules you know at this point. Don’t worry if you don’t do great on the test just yet – it is only meant as a way to help you find out what you don’t know, so you can study up. Find out which questions on the test you got wrong, and go back into the rule book to find the answer. This trial-and-error process is the best way to get to know the rules, and you should find that you have a much better understanding of the rules after only a short amount of time.
  • Play with an experienced golfer. If you are trying to learn the rules in a short amount of time, playing with an experienced golfer for a round or two could be a big help. Make sure it is someone who is okay with you asking questions throughout the round when you are confused about a certain rule. As you make your way around the course, there are sure to be situations come up that will help you ask questions and learn about some of the more-subtle rules of the game. Just a couple rounds with an experienced golfer can go a long way toward your understanding of the rules.

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