Portugal is a cheap golf resort for beginners

One of the concerns that many people have about learning how to golf is the cost. Tee times, lessons, and rentals can end up costing you a lot of money, especially if you don’t budget correctly.

If you are a beginner golfer that is just learning the ropes, you’ve probably tried to stick to the golf courses in your region. But now you’re feeling ready to go on a golf vacation at an inexpensive golf resort. Where should you be looking?

One of the most inexpensive places for a beginning golfer to consider a golf vacation is Portugal. It sounds a little absurd at first, doesn’t it? Many people assume that you want to stay in your own country if you’re going to learn to golf well and inexpensively, but that’s not always true. Portugal has a lot of money-saving features for golfers of every experience level, but especially those who are just starting out.

Why is this the case? Because Portugal has a variety of inexpensive golf resorts that will help you with creating the ultimate golf vacation for the lowest price. Here are some of the things that you may find included in your golf resort packages.

  • Your overnight stay, of course. Many Portugal golf resorts have reasonable rates and really nice rooms. There are even some holiday apartments available in certain regions.
  • Tee times. Some Portugal golf resorts will allow you unlimited tee times at their golf course during your stay; others will help you create a package of several golf courses in the immediate area for a discount.
  • Rentals. Club rentals, cart rentals, and other important items that you may need may be included in your package for little to no extra cost, depending on the resort that you stay at.
  • Restaurant packages. Some resorts have one (or several) restaurants on campus. Others may help you bundle a package to restaurants in the area that they have a relationship with. This can save you hundreds of dollars in food costs.
  • Family activities. If you bring your family along with you, many golf resorts will have family activities, swimming pools, and other amenities available to you and your loved ones at no extra cost. Who can beat that?

As you can see, Portugal golf resorts have a number of inexpensive options available for those who decide that they want to stay there, whether they’re a beginning golf player or an expert. Take a look at some of your options today.

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