Fresh Golf Pitching Tips For Players Looking For Something New

The first time you broke a 100 around an 18 hole golf course is a milestone. Everyone then sets themselves another target but many golfers reach a point when their game just doesn’t seem to improve, certainly in terms of scores. What they do next will generally depend upon how important the game is to them in their lives and leisure time. It does not need a huge amount of work to become better, particularly if their failings are in their short game, pitching and putting. Those who can master the technique involved are likely to be able to shave a couple of shots off their score.

You may be close to the green without any obvious hazards between you and the pin. Your aim must be to be confident that you can pitch the ball so that you end up just a few feet from the pin with a realistic chance of getting down with a single putt. Confidence plays no small part in this and confidence comes from knowing what to do and practising it regularly so you can expect to play the shot well:

  • Understand the importance of your set up. You should make sure you are balanced with your knees slightly bent.

  • Ensure you move through the ball with a smooth follow through. Soft hands is a common expression which describes a golf shot that is made without any great tension in the hands and arms. While it is not necessary to make a full back swing and follow through in order to chip effectively, the principle of hitting the golf ball is largely the same irrespective of the shot you are intending to play or the distance you want to hit the ball.

The technique of chipping involves your body moving. You don’t have to be on a practice ground to practice the movement of your body. If you take a soft ball and just throw it slow towards your intended target you will find that your body will move. Your trouser belt buckle will show that you are turning towards the target while you will feel your front leg straighten and your back knee almost touch your front leg. Try it with a soft ball in the back garden and then with a club and ball. It is the same movement you want to achieve and if you do your pitching will start to reach the next level.

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