Improving balance and posture while playing golf

Good posture and balance are important components golfers should practice on and off the golf course. They have a big effect on how you play your rounds on the course and how you strike the ball while making shots. Upon knowing how to create a good form to help you strike the ball it takes work in keeping your posture and balance consistent each time you hit the course. Good balance includes using your body weight to help you maintain posture that may encourage better results each time you swing. The following points are a few areas to consider when working toward improving your balance and posture while playing golf.

  • Have an area at home where you can practice such as the backyard. There are different exercises you can do to help your posture and balance. There are different types of exercises that can help you use your weight to maintain good balance. For instance, you can use metal washers, a golf ball and some string as part of an exercise to help you improve your balance you stand and hold your posture. The exercise is common for golfers as it is reminiscent of a pendulum, except you want to keep the ball still instead of having it swing or move too much.
  • Consider different exercises to do and choose a few that you want to try. This is important as there are various types of exercises to consider with some you can do for a couple of weeks at a time. Look for exercises that can help you with balance and posture.
  • Have patience when trying different techniques. It can be challenging in the beginning to get used to it, especially if you didn’t have good posture to begin with. You may need to start off slow by trying one technique or exercise. Try to get visual aids to help you understand what you should do such as videos and photos. Track your progress as you go and the more you do it the easier it will become.
  • Get in the habit of stretching. You are encouraged to stretch before you exercise anyway, but it helps to do so before playing on the course and when you complete practice swings. This can help the body get used to proper posture and improve balance ability overtime. Plus, it is beneficial in reducing injury risk while swinging and control muscle use.

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