How to Find a Good Golf Resort in Portugal?

If you have decided to take a golf vacation to Portugal, you probably have already learned how many great options there are for destinations to choose from. Portugal has a variety of courses to pick from, many beautiful locations, and plenty of exciting activities to enjoy away from the course. So how do you sort through all the options and pick out the right one for your trip? It will take a little bit of research, but it will be worth your time.

When you are ready to start picking out a golf resort in Portugal to visit, consider using the tips below to guide your search –

  • Start with the reviews. There are plenty of review sites online these days, so you should have no trouble finding comments from previous visitors that can give you some idea of what to expect if you stay and play golf at the resort. While online reviews shouldn’t be the only method you use of evaluating a resort, they are a good place to start when you are trying to put together a list of potential options for your trip.
  • Ask friends. If you have any friends or relatives who have played golf on a Portugal vacation, make sure to ask them for their input and comments regarding the places they stayed. Good or bad, it will help to have first-hand feedback from people you trust who have actually been to Portugal and experienced some of the resorts you are considering.
  • Call directly to the resort. Any questions that you have regarding the experience offered by a specific resort should be able to be answered with a quick phone call to the resort. This is a good chance to find out what kind of customer service the resort offers – if they are helpful and friendly on the phone, it is a good sign for the kind of experience that you will have if you choose to stay there.
  • Look for amenities. A good golf resort will have more than just quality golf courses – although that is a good place to start. Look for other features that you will be interested in so you have plenty to do when the golf is done for the day. The golf courses that a resort offers should still be an important factor, but look for a well-rounded facility for your Portugal golf vacation.

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