Three Golf Drills For Improving Your Wedge Play

Wedge play can be effective when you take time to practice. There are various drills that can be performed indoors and outside on the practice green to help you see results. It is important to understand elements of this play and where you may need improvement. While working with practice drills it helps to get familiar with common problems golfers experience during wedge play and focus on how to improve abilities to avoid such errors. Here are 3 drills to consider when improving wedge play.

  1. Use a towel to help you chip balls onto. Place towel on the floor and take your shots from about ten feet back. Practice using strokes that are smooth and short. Make sure the ball lands on the towel and keep hands in front of your clubface. Do this with different irons and a wedge to practice swing motion, control and accuracy.
  2. Do the previous drill indoors and conduct again outdoors on the practice range. When doing so outside work on controlling distance and range of how the ball rolls. You can do this in different weather conditions but if you practice indoors you can be more prepared no matter the conditions of the course.
  3. Select three different distances (in yards) and hit your ball to each distance. Yet, for each distance have a target to hit toward and practice hitting for each target ten times. Each time the ball lands in good distance of the target give yourself a point. The next day repeat the drill but try to hit a better score.

Additional Tips to Consider for Wedge Play

As mentioned earlier there are elements to consider when improving wedge play such as common errors. Some players may not use the right club to make their shot. You will notice the club head on a wedge has more an angle. The angle helps the ball get where you want to be, but you need insight on how to make the angle work for you. As you work on drills for this play try doing the process over and over again. Repetition of the moves helps your body get used to the motion and action. You will have better expectation of what you can do and how it should be carried out when on the course.

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