Setting Correct Ball Position for Each Club

Positioning the ball correctly in you stance is one of the most important pieces of the golf shot puzzle. When the ball isn’t in the right spot, all of your hard work in making a good swing can go to waste as you aren’t likely to make good contact or get the ball started on the right line. You need to be consistent with where you position the ball in your stance so that your swing can be repeatable from shot to shot. Once you get comfortable with the right ball position for each of your clubs, it should become natural and you hopefully won’t need to think about it much as you move through your round.

Start with the Driver

All of your ball positions can be based on where you put the ball in your stance to hit a driver. For most golfers, the right ball position for a driver is just off the inside of the lead foot. For a right handed player, that means that the ball should be lined up with the heel of the left foot at address. That is a position that will allow enough room to hit the ball with an ascending blow, without having to reach too awkwardly for it at the same time.

Move Back Gradually

For each club you come down from your driver, you should move the ball slightly back in your stance until you reach the middle of the stance with the wedges. For example, when you hit a three wood, the ball should only be an inch or so back from where it was with the driver. As the clubs get shorter, you want the ball to be located gradually further back in the stance so you can reach the impact position with ease. You might find that you want to play all of your short irons (PW – SW) from right in the middle of the stance.

It’s Okay to Personalize

While these guidelines are a good place to start, you can make small adjustments as necessary to fit your personal swing. For example, some players like to hit their driver from even further up in the swing, while others play it a little farther back. You will need to experiment with different ball positions and the resulting ball flights until you settle on just the right positions for your swing.

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