Golf Lessons: How to Achieve Better Accuracy of Your Drives

Hitting accurate drives is a powerful skill to possess on the golf course. When you are able to split the fairway with your tee shot more often than not, you will have the advantage of playing from the fairway and having easier approach shots than if you were in the rough. There are many elements that go into hitting fairways, from proper technique and execution, to picking the right club and the right target. Only when you can bring all of those skills together successfully are you going to be able to find the fairway hole after hole.

Take the following tips with you to the course for your next round with the goal of hitting more fairways –

  • Be conservative. In general, most golfers are far too aggressive with their club selection and target lines off the tee. Can you hit driver off of every tee on the par fours and par fives? Sure, you can. Should you? Absolutely not. It is a much better strategy to pick clubs for your tee shots that fit the hole and keep your ball out of trouble. You always want to error on the side of caution and keep your ball in play and in position as frequently as you can.
  • Flatten your driver swing. In order to hit your driver straighter, try flattening your swing plane so you are swinging the club more ‘around’ you instead of up and down. The feeling you are looking for is one where the body does most of the work and the hands and arms are just along for the ride. When this is done successfully, you will achieve a great ball flight that improves not only your accuracy, but your distance as well.
  • Have a go-to club. You will always use your driver for a large percentage of your tee shots, but it is a great idea to get comfortable with another club that you can reach for when accuracy is at a premium over distance. For some golfers, that club will be a hybrid, while others will prefer a long iron. Whatever club it is that you like to use off the tee instead of your driver, make sure you know exactly how far you can hit it. That way, when you reach a hole that doesn’t set up well for your driver, you can reach for your other option and hit a shot with confidence right into the middle of the fairway.

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