A Step-by-Step Guide for Finding an Inexpensive Golf Vacation in Portugal

When planning a golf vacation in Portugal, you likely want to save as much money as possible while still planning an exciting and enjoyable trip. In order to book an inexpensive trip and still see some beautiful golf courses along the way, you will need to carefully plan your booking process and use all of the resources available to you online. Once you work through the process and settle on a trip that works for you and your budget, you can start looking forward to the vacation and getting your golf game ready for the challenge.

The steps below should help you to find the right options for your Portugal golf vacation and hopefully you can settle on a trip that works for your budget.

Step One – Pick a Region

Before you start considering specific courses or resorts, first decide where within Portugal you want to visit. The Algarve region is very popular among tourists and golfers, but you can decide for yourself exactly where you want to go. Think about off-the-course activities as well when planning your destination as well – you want to have plenty of things to do when the golf is done for the day.

Step Two – Price Out the Courses

Create a list of all of the possible golf courses you could play within the region you decide to visit, and find out how much each of them will cost to play based on the time of year you are going to be traveling. With that list in place, you can decide what you want to pay per round and narrow down your options to courses that fall within that price range.

Step Three – Price Out the Lodging Options

Just as with the golf courses, find the prices for hotels within the area you are going to visit and find the ones that fit into your planned budget. Use online reviews to find opinions from other travelers on your possible destinations and pick out one that you feel comfortable with.

Step Four – Lock in Your Rates

Once you have find rates that you are comfortable with, be sure to book your vacation before the prices change or there is no more availability. While the price of your rounds of golf likely won’t change as time passes, the hotel rates potentially could. Once your plans are confirmed, you can relax and look forward to a great trip playing golf in the beautiful country of Portugal.

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