Tempo Training Guide for Those Who Start Playing Golf

If you are just getting started in golf, you probably have heard a lot about the tempo of your swing – but you might not know exactly what that means or why it is important. Your tempo is the rhythm of your swing as it moves through the backswing and down into the ball. Some players use a fast tempo, while others prefer moving slower – there is no right or wrong, it is whatever feels natural and comfortable to you. What is important, however, is that you have a steady tempo throughout the swing, and that it doesn’t change dramatically at any point from start to finish.

In order to discover your own personal tempo, read through the three tips below and keep them in mind as you work on your swing.

  • Be yourself. Do you talk fast, walk fast, and do pretty much everything else fast? It would make sense that you would be most comfortable with a quick golf swing tempo. On the other end of the spectrum, people who have a slower way of doing things will be better served to keep a slow temp in their swing. The idea is that you want the swing to feel as natural as possible, so you should stick to what you are comfortable with.
  • Don’t rush the transition. No matter if you are using a fast or slow tempo, you want to make sure you aren’t rushing the transition in your swing from backswing to downswing. This is where most amateur golfers go wrong, in that they get in a rush and hurry down toward the ball. The ball isn’t going anywhere, so take your time and let the club gradually accelerate until you reach impact. If you are going to keep the same, steady tempo throughout your swing, you will need to manage the transition successfully.
  • Stay calm on course. It is one thing to iron out a good tempo on the driving range – it is another thing to take it out onto the course. Plenty of golfers get anxious on the course and start to hurry their swing. What you need to do to carry your tempo from the practice range to the course is not put any undue pressure on yourself or try to do anything out of the ordinary. Stick with the swing that you rehearsed on the driving range, and focus on good tempo to start seeing better results.

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