How to Maintain the Right Grip Pressure in Golf

The right grip pressure in golf is a challenge to conquer. Too many times a shot is spoiled because a golfer is gripping their club too tightly or too loosely. There are different elements that play into this problem you should review and act upon accordingly. For the most part, these elements can be improved upon each time you take your shots. Here are some pointers to help you understand what can be done to maintain proper grip pressure in golf.

  • Keep your level of pressure constant throughout the shot. This sounds simple enough but some golfers have a habit of changing their grip when the move in to make contact with the ball. Just like when you swing to create a smooth motion that is constant, your grip should be constant in a similar sense. If your grip changes this could affect how the club head comes in contact with the ball and the amount of movement you want the ball to incur.
  • Keep your grip in place as you complete your backswing. If you are constant in keeping your grip pressure the same then it should not change when you go into your backswing. At this moment your shot becomes crucial since the club is in the air and getting ready to make contact. Some golfers what to add more pressure at this point, but it could give the ball more movement than necessary.
  • Know the difference between holding your club lightly and holding too loosely. There is such a thing as holding your club too tight and too loose. If you hold it too loose it may feel as if it will fall through your hands. You may end up having more weight of the club moving and you give up some control of ball movement. Too tight of a grip could come from anxiety and it could affect how your wrists hinge when you complete your swing.
  • During the backswing your lower body doesn’t move as much as your upper body. Your arms help you swing but not alone. Your hips, chest and shoulders play a role in how your body achieves your backswing. These elements can help you have a more comfortable grip when working together.
  • Conduct a few drills to help you practice proper grip pressure. You can monitor how your grip changes as you practice.

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