How to Find the Proper Golf Swing Path

Much of the outcome of each of your swings will be determined by the swing path that your club takes into the ball. When you bring the club into the ball on a good swing path – with a club face that is square to that path – a quality shot should result. A poor swing path is to blame for many of the bad shots that you will see on the course, so ironing out this detail is certainly worth your effort.

Try using the following tips to find just the right swing path to create a good ball flight shot after shot –

  • Keep your hands out of it. The fastest way to get your swing path off track is to have your hands too involved in the swing. Try using your body to control most of the movement of the club back and through the zone, while your hands remain passive and just guide the club down toward impact. This feeling might be a little bit uncomfortable if you are not used to swinging in this fashion, but it will help you make your swing path far more consistent.
  • Set up square. In order to have a proper swing path moving through the ball, you want to make sure you are set up square to the target line at address. Working on your address position might not be the most exciting thing to do, but it can have a great effect on the results of your swing. Pay attention to the small details of your stance and your posture before you even start to move the club and you will find better results on a consistent basis.
  • Keep your arms connected. Don’t let your arms move too far up and away from your body during the swing, or your swing path will be very likely to get thrown off. Try to keep your arms connected in tight to your body during the swing so you can allow your body rotation to build the speed in your swing while keeping on the right path. A common amateur golfer mistake is to let the arms get up and away from the body during the backswing, and never get them back in position. Avoiding this mistake will get you much closer to a proper swing path, and you will also find additional power as well.

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