Golf Pitching Basics: Getting The Right Grip On The Club

The basic pitch shot is brought under consideration when you are close to the target and you have to avoid the full shot. But the distance should not be so close because for very close distances, chip shot is preferred. The pitch shot basically is a slightly aerial shot with a soft landing and it stops immediately as soon as it lands. When you are supposed to hit a pitch shot, the club selection is a very important thing. For pitch shots, you should choose a Lob wedge or Pitching wedge or a sand wedge. Pitch shot is usually preferred to avoid the obstacle that is lying in the path of the hole and the ball.

The technique of hitting a pitch shot is quite similar to the normal shots but there are a few amendments that should be made. Here are those amendments.

  1. Tightly hold the grip by placing your hands on the club. This will automatically improve your feel for the path distance and will bring you close to the ball. Tight grip will definitely have a direct positive effect on your club control. Holding the club properly is the most important thing of all as we all know it, so this first step should be taken care of, properly.
  2. Decrease the distance between your feet compared to your shoulder, as pitch does not require complete body rotation. Narrow feet would not affect your body balance and the weight shifting. Keep your feet aligned on the line of action of the club, till this stage.
  3. In the next step, pull your left foot slightly backwards, which will result in creating an open stance. When you do so, it will give you a feeling that you are aiming towards the left side of your target, which is not something to be worried about but instead, it is a good sign. This posture will increase the loft of your club and the aerial shot hit will be more accurate and controlled.
  4. Stand in such a way the ball is in the middle of your stance and slightly move the club forward in a such a way that the your hands are moving slightly ahead of the club head when it is about to touch the ball.
  5. Place more weight on your left side if you are a right handed player. This will give you more stability.

By practicing this, one can surely get a command on the pitch shot.

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