7 Tips To Help You Conquer The Morgado Golf Course

Most golf fans have been to the Algarve in Portugal, and also there must be quite a few of you who have played the Morgado Course. That course is by no means easy to play and quite a lot of golfers have struggled to score well over there. Of course, it is by no means a forgiving course and the simplest mistake would cost you strokes. However, there are several tips that you could keep in mind to help you post a better score while you are there.

Don’t be too aggressive off the tee

Despite the fact that it is a par 73, you should not be tempted to hit driver every time. Hitting the fairway is more important than hitting the ball 300 yards. Remember that – you could even take a driving iron out on some of the holes here, but you need to be pretty skilled at this game before you take out something like that!

Be cautious when you are approaching the green

Think strategically before you go for the greens. It is essential that you hit the green first and your objective should not be going for the flag every single time. Aim for something like a 30 foot putt and see if you can hole the birdie putt. There is danger everywhere on this course and if you are being careless. It is not worth going for these risks and par is always a good score.

Lag your putts

The course can play difficult when the greens are rolling quickly – so spend some time on the practice green and get the feel for the speed first. You will find you are scoring better.

Ask the local pro for advice

Whether you have played the course or not, you need advice. Go to the pro in the shop and ask him for anything you need to look out for. Remember, this is the only way you can get better.

Look out for hazards

When you are planning your shots, always take into account of the dangers around the green or the landing area of your tee shot. This will help you avoid these dangers and in turn you will score a lot better.

Stay positive

You will likely make bogeys on this course and you should not be disheartened. Keep grinding and fighting and you will soon make your share of birdies.

Sharpen up your short game

When the wind picks up here, you will miss greens. This is where your short game will shine. Practise with your wedges before your round and you will prepare yourself for the worst.

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