5 Quick Tips On Making A Lob Shot Over A Hazard

A lob shot can be the perfect shot to make when playing near hazards. The idea is to get the ball where you want it to be and have enough control to limit how much movement it makes when it lands. In the case of playing a hazard area, you want to get the ball up into the air and over the hazard as quick as possible. Having a good club such as a high-lofted wedge is just the beginning. Now, you need to know how to make the club get the ball where you want it to be. Here are 5 tips to help you make a good lob shot over a hazard.

  1. Open clubface to give more loft when you hit the ball. Have good grip that will help you keep clubface open. Keep an eye on how you grip your club and grip pressure as you swing your club. Your grip and swing motion help you make good contact with an open club face.
  2. The ball should be positioned in your stance from your front foot on the inside. When setting up for the ball the key is to keep clubface open to help ball land and stop quickly. If you have had problems in the past making a good shot consider checking your stance and where the ball is positioned. This element will help you establish good contact when you swing.
  3. Have good alignment with your shoulders and feet. As you stand to hit the ball align feet and shoulders left of your target. This encourages clubface to remain open. You also help create a path for the clubhead to travel as it makes contact with the ball. Good alignment can make your swing motion easier to complete with better results.
  4. Hinge wrists when swinging club back to the outside. Your clubface should still be open. Hinging the wrists helps the clubface stay in place (open) when you swing through. When you swing the club back that helps to establish power to push the ball with a clean sweep.
  5. When the club is swung keep it flush across your feet. This should encourage the club to come under the ball at impact. When following through your body should be in the direction of the target line.

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