How to hit 200+ yards in golf: some vital ideas

Being able to hit more yards in golf is something many golfers hope to accomplish overtime. It will take plenty of power and drive behind the shot to get the ball to travel such a great distance. More importantly, it will consist of having a good technique you can perfect overtime. This means you need to understand specific elements that should be in place in order to see results. For others, it is a matter of recognizing mistakes made in the process and how to avoid them. Here are a few points to help you understand what your strategy needs.

  • Flexibility should be increased. Think about what happens when you swing and the positon of your shoulders. Instead of using your arms and hands more, consider getting more flexibility in your shoulders as you swing. There are professionals that rotate their shoulders close to 90 degrees upon swinging. Try increasing your turn by 10 or 15 degrees as you swing. To get a better idea you can view videos of professionals and watch their flexibility as they swing.
  • Your hips can do more for you when you lead them. If you swing faster you can hit the ball further. But, you need to use more of your body instead of relying solely on your arms and hands. Your arms can develop a whip action when you give more with your hips.
  • Watch how you move your arms as you swing. They should move downward when your hips shift. This is where torque comes from. It is about developing a form of resistance between lower and upper portions of your body. You may need to do some exercises to help you be more flexible in this area.
  • Understand timing and precision. For many golfers they understand what they need to do but they are too soon or too late with their timing. This is where consistency plays an important role in developing your strategy for your swing. You know you need to change your swing, but this will also take time within itself. As you practice you develop a routine that will help you be more precise with your moves. Overtime, your timing will get better and things will fall into place. You should also notice a difference in how you hit the ball and the distance its travels.

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