Tee Times In Santa Cruz: How To Organize A Short Stay

The most important part about booking a golf holiday in Santa Cruz is to do your research. Comprehensive research will include which courses are near to your resort, whether those courses are player-friendly, how much your resort will cost, and how many games you can fit into your holiday. Once you know all of these, you can contact a reliable booking agent and tell them what you want.

Book near to a course

Travelling can make up a large part of your holiday. For short holidays, the last thing you want to do is worry about taxis, busses and other forms of public transport. Rather book your holiday at a resort that has an in-house golf course. That way, you can walk to the course and play whenever you feel like it—thereby utilizing your time a lot better.

Go for something high end

Your holiday will be short, so you may as well go for something fancier than usual. Opt for a resort that makes your stay as comfortable as possible so that you leave having experienced the best of Santa Cruz. Spend that little bit extra and you will get a stay that screams “VALUE!” It beats settling for a small, cheap place that just “good enough”.

Try to fit at least two games in

Play two games of golf if you can, but make sure they are on two different courses. You may not enjoy one as much as the other. If you ever come back to Santa Cruz for a longer stay, at least you will know which golf course is the best one to play on.

Avoid beach courses

A course that is situated right on the beach would be nice for a longer stay—but not a short one. These courses often have very windy conditions and you wouldn’t want that to spoil your short holiday not being able to play a ‘normal’ game of golf. Give the windy course a rest and come back to it next time when you have time for a challenge.

So aim to relax as much as possible on your holiday. If you don’t, the holiday will go by even quicker and you will wish you hadn’t wasted your money. So have a high luxury holiday with as much relaxing golf as possible—and be sure to go back to Santa Cruz for a longer holiday soon.

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