Golf Drills: Add Some Extra Power to Your Tee Shots

The search for extra power off the tee is one that most golfers never give up on – every player would like to squeeze out a few more yards off the tee, even if they are already a long hitter. If you are among the many golfers looking for a way to add yards to your tee shot, this article presents a simple drill which will lead you in that direction.

Double Up Your Clubs

Surprisingly, this drill doesn’t even require the use of your driver – at least, not at first. To start, take out two of your irons when you are at the driving range and have room to make some practice swings. The irons should be consecutive numbers, such as a five and six iron, or seven and eight iron.

With your two irons in hand, take a stance and grip like you are getting ready to hit a shot, only you have to clubs in your hands instead of one. You won’t be hitting any golf balls at this point in the drill. Start by making slow motion practice swings using the two clubs. Obviously, they will feel heavier than you are used to, and you might find it difficult to make your normal practice swing. Use your lower body to stabilize your stance and support your upper body. Pay particular attention to the transition of your swing from backswing to downswing . You should feel how your body has to control this part of the swing because the clubs are too heavy to move with your hands and arms alone.

Go Back to the Driver

Once you make a few slow swings with your two clubs, take your driver out of the bag and tee up a practice ball. When you hit this shot, think about the feelings that you had when you were taking the practice swings, and how you had to use the rest of your body to make a proper swing, not just your arms. Even though the driver is much lighter than the clubs you were swinging, the mechanics of the swing should be the same.

You can go back and forth between making practice swings with two clubs, and hitting some drives off the practice tee. This drill will teach you to build a good tempo and rhythm in your driver swing, and it should also result in some added distance on your drives.

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