How to Achieve Proper Grip Pressure Control in Golf

Controlling your grip pressure is an important skill to have in your golf game because a grip that is too tight or too lose will cause trouble in your swing. When you hold the club too tightly, you inhibit the movement of the club and will likely lose distance as a result. On the opposite side, if you should hold the club too loose, you may not be able to control the face of the club through impact and the club could even potentially slip out of your hands. Determining the right grip pressure somewhere between those two extremes is going to be a key to your long term success.

While you are working on finding the right grip pressure, try the following tips to help you along the process –

  • Start out by chipping. Hitting some chip shots is a good way to locate the right grip pressure for your swing. Try hitting a few chip shots with a grip that you think is too loose, and see what the results look like. From there, slowly make your grip tighter and tighter on each shot until you feel like you have control of the club throughout the shot – but aren’t squeezing any tighter than you need to. Once you are able to strike that perfect balance, try using that grip pressure to hit a few full shots and check the results.
  • Watch your glove wear pattern. As you start to wear out the golf glove that you are currently using, take note of any specific spots that are wearing faster than the rest of the glove. This can give you a good idea of what spots might be holding the club too tightly, or where the glove might be slipping in your hands during the swing. Note these spots and try to adjust your grip accordingly to correct the problem.
  • Relax your whole body. When your body is tense, that tension tends to work its way into your hands and can cause your grip to become too tight. To avoid this problem, take a deep breath and try to relax your body before you take your stance and get ready to swing. It might be as simple as clearing your mind and letting go of any worries that you have about the shot that you are about to hit – work on this approach on the range before taking it to the course.

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