How to Hit Low Shots in Golf: A Guide for Starters

A low shot can help you hit the ball when you need to hit low spots such as under a tree. When considering this element there are a few aspects to think about. You need a good backspin, loft and club head speed. These three ingredients help you get the ball low enough to make your swing produce better results. However you determine the best technique for your shot, the end result should help you get the club head underneath the ball.

Get the Ball in Position with Your Stance

In remembering what you need to control as you play the ball (club head speed, loft and backspin) this will help you use your iron more efficiently. You will keep the ball low on the fairway while hitting downward with your iron. Many golfers like to use a 5-iron with the ball at about 2 or 3 inches from mid-stance (middle of your stance). This can help you make the bottom of your swing flat to ensure the ball travels low after you make contact.

Note What Needs to Happen As You Downswing

For better control consider making a change to your backswing by 3 quarters of a length. Watch your right forearm as you do not want it to rotate into your left. You can do what you would normally do with a long chip shot. The club head will finish under or below your hands. Adding a little more pressure by squeezing the club slightly can help you avoid turning over your right forearm. This is setting up for a low knuckleball and it can travel a good distance on the green, just watch where you aim upon taking your shot.

Practice with Drills

In order to understand what results you want to get you can do some drills to help you get the feel of it. You can use your golf bag to help you with this drill. Stand it up in front of you on a chair but have it placed about five feet away. Use a 5-iron to help you make hits with the ball. Make your shots go under the bag through the legs of the chair. You can change how you make the shots. You can practice with short chips first then advance to longer ones. You will know you have too much backspin if you hit your bag.

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