How to Develop an Effective Golf Play Strategy to Hit More Birdies

Hitting more birdies is ultimately the goal for most of us. It’s the reason we practice and play as often as we do. But there are some other strategies you can implement to heighten the likelihood of hitting more birdies more often. Try the following:

It’s all in the hips

The more flexible your hips, the better your stroke will become. Professional golfers give testament to the fact that working out the mid section of the body does wonders for better golf strokes. Hit the gym a bit more often and concentrate on your mid section to attain looser, more flexible hips.

Transfer your weight to the left

As your swing culminates into a shot, your right side weight should quickly shift to the left. By the time your shot is complete, about 90% of your full body weight should be resting on the left side. You’ll feel this on your left foot so make a point of practicing shots that end correctly.

Go high for more control

Birdies are more about control than distance. If you are constantly attempting to drive long and straight instead to high and accurate, you’ll always end up at the mercy of the ball. Strike the ball with purpose every time. Every shot is an opportunity to reach your goal position. Don’t think you can do it—see the shot in your mind and know you can.

When to use your upper and lower body during play

We have already mentioned that a great swing lies in the flexibility of the hips. When you make a drive shot, your hips and legs do most of the work; and your upper body should act as a spring to control that shot. But it’s equally important to remember that iron shots rely heavily on the movement of your upper body. Be mindful of how the movement of your arms and torso can be utilized to control your swing and make it to the fairway more effectively.

Learn your geometry

Understanding angles plays a large part in improving your overall game. If you’re aiming for more birdies, learn about how club, body and surface angles affect your shot. How high the ball travels also affects the direction and distance of the ball. The more you practice, the more you’ll start gaining familiarity with angles and their correlation with where the ball ends up.

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