Advanced Golf Tips: the Key to Playing Well in the Rain

Playing golf in the rain presents a number of challenges. In most cases golfers need to change their strategy accordingly. You will be playing in the rain which often changes conditions of the course dramatically. This means you may need to make changes in how you take your strokes, how you control the ball and review specific elements of accuracy and distance. This affects more than just the condition of the greens, but you need to make adjustments accordingly so you are able to adapt to the situation and still achieve favorable results. Here are a few tips to help you play in the rain.

  • Have appropriate gear on hand to help you play in such conditions. This means you need to take inventory and review gear necessary before hitting the course. Common items to have on hand includes a golf umbrella, rain gear such as a pants, jacket and headwear designed for wet conditions, dry pair of golf gloves, dry grips, waterproof shoes and dry towels.
  • The greens may make ball movement slower. When it rains the greens may change the way the ball moves. You will change your swing strategy accordingly. This means the ball will curve less and you may need to hit the ball a little harder to give it extra power and maneuverability on a wet surface.
  • Sand shots may be easier to hit. Usually the sand is loose but the condition of sand bunkers will change with sand becoming more firm and packed. Here, you may not need to hit the ball as hard to get it out. Just pay attention to where you hit the ball and treat it as if you were on dry grass.
  • Be patient with your plays and try not to let the weather shift your focus. The greens eventually become receptive to your play, but you may end up playing on the course longer because the greens produce slower movement of the ball. Your shots may not bounce as much when the grass is dry and for some fairways, they may seem wider because of the change in weather.
  • Take cover when lightning. Some may try to hide under a tree if one is around. But, the metal in your golf club could make you a target when lightning strikes. Be safe and take cover!

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