How To Fix A Golf Pull In 5 Simple Steps

If you’re consistently missing your target and landing your ball too far left, you may be tempted to think that you’re hooking the ball. However, if the ball is travelling straight instead of curving to the left while in the air, your problem should be correctly diagnosed as a pull. Here are some aspects of your game to take note of if this is becoming your setback.

Stand further away from the ball

A way to fix this problem that often solves it without any further attention is to simply stand slightly further back from where the ball is. Standing too close may have an effect on the direction it is travelling, while standing further back will straighten out your body position.

Open your shoulders

A closed shoulder stance is another culprit in creating pull shots. This is seen in shoulders that round forward instead of being pulled back and straight. When you open your shoulders for a shot, you force the rest of your body into a correct posture. You will automatically stand correctly and also recognize the correct distance between you and the ball.

Left to right or right to left?

You may be making the mistake of transferring your weight from the left side to the right—or worse, not transferring your weight at all. The correct drill to practice is to start with your weight on the right, and then letting it move to the left during your swing. Add this to your drill and you should start seeing less pull shots in your game.

Slow down your backswing

Rushing into the shot can cause lots of mistakes because it prevents you from concentrating on valuable techniques. Try pausing for a second or two before bringing your clubface back down. This will allow your mind to do the necessary checks before taking the shot. If the shot doesn’t feel right, start over and make sure you get it perfect every time.

Engage your body, not your hands

Another reason for a pull is that you are using your hands to manipulate the ball flight. That’s your club’s job so leave it to do what it was designed for. Your job is to create a straight swing using your body, not your hands. Start learning to engage your waist, chest, and shoulders into your shot and let your hands be used for firm grip—and nothing else.

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