How to Choose Your First Set of Clubs

Have you recently decided to take up the game of golf? Great! You are in for a wonderful, if at times frustrating, experience. Golf is one of the most-addicting and enjoyable games in the world, and the quest to improve your game day after day is something that countless golfers fall in love with.

To get started, you are obviously going to need to purchase some clubs of your own. Sure, you can rent clubs at most courses, but any serious golfer is going to want to own their own set so they can practice and play whenever they like. Also, renting clubs get expensive after a few rounds, so it will be financially smarter to purchase your own clubs.

When you first start out looking for the right set of clubs to buy, it can be a little overwhelming with all of the choices and options on the market. There are an incredible number of companies producing golf clubs, and many quality choices can be found in any golf shop. So how do you sort through it all to end up with a good first set of clubs? Use the following basic tips to get started on your shopping spree:

  • Don’t spend too much. At first, you probably plan on spending a ton of time playing golf – even though you haven’t really played much (if at all) before. Don’t be tempted into spending thousands of dollars on high-end clubs before you even get started. Pick up a set of less-expensive clubs to play your first rounds with and find out if you like the game as much as you expect. Once you start playing more and learn more about your swing, it will be easy enough to move up into a more-advanced set.
  • Consider used. A good way to get value in a starter set is to look for some used clubs to purchase (either in the store, or online). You might be able to find clubs from someone who was in your shoes a year ago and is now selling off their own starter set.
  • Don’t forget the bag. A good golf bag makes your life easier on the course. Find one that is easy to carry, has plenty of pockets for all of your accessories, and will hold up well if it starts to rain during your round.

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