What To Expect From The Royal Obidos Golf Course

Seve’s Royal Obidos golf course boasts all of the usual strategic mastery of his other courses. The golf club is well-managed and the golf itself is on a world class standard. Here are some things you can expect when playing this course, as well as some background into its designer.

Seve’s pride

The Royal Obidos golf course is a creation by Seve himself. If you know his courses, you know that they are challenging, scenic and sometimes ruthless. It’s sad to say that Seven never played this course as he passed away before it was completed. However his legacy certainly lives on in this course as it does in all his other creations.

First nine

The first nine holes of the course move from island to island in a curvy formation. You will need to cross bridges and streams to chase the ball and try to get it into each respective hole. Put aside lots of time to play this course as holes are longer than your average game, and water hazards abound.

Second nine

The second nine are slightly shorter, but you are likely to take your time anyway as your eyes are dazzled by the ocean view that guides you to the end of the course. Beware of some of these holes though. Although shorter, the obstacles are far more ruthless.

Great specials

The course’s club provides a number of specials which include buggy hire and discounts on return players. Many of the hotels in the region also offer specials on the course fees so check with your hotel or resort and see if you can get a good deal.

Luxury restaurant

You can watch other players from the restaurant and clubhouse. Many past visitors have also spoken highly of the sunsets they have seen while enjoying a drink or eating a meal. The staff are also said to be extremely accommodating as is the norm for many of the luxury resorts in Portugal.

Difficult 10th hole

The most notorious of all of the course’s holes is the treacherous tenth. There are a significant amount of water hazards around this hole and you are sure to find it tricky to navigate past them all. Do yourself a favour and bring along some extra balls, as many have lost their balls in the water while playing the tenth.

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