What Makes Morgado Golf Course In Portugal So Popular

It wasn’t too long ago that the doors of the Morgado Golf Course were opened to the public. From 2003 till now, it’s been only 13 years, yet within this short period, the course has earned the reputation of being one of the most popular courses in the region. If you search online you’ll find nothing but praise from golfers who have played on the Morgado Golf Course. After going through thousands of reviews we’ve prepared a list of points showing what makes this course so popular.

The Setting

The Morgado Golf Course and its sister course, the Alamos are located just north of Portimao. The landscape the architect has worked on is just perfect for golf. Both courses run through valleys, farmlands, vineyards, lakes, and have the gorgeous Monchique Mountains in the backdrop. It has many characteristics of links course that’s fairly open with some amount of native trees bordering most of the fairways. When you judge the Morgado against its sister course, the Morgado has a lot more bunkers in the fairways.

A Course for Everyone

Even though Morgado has many characteristics of links, the course is created on a parkland landscape. We can agree that the Morgado encompass the best features of both links and parkland. Many golfers term this course as fair, but it has enough challenges to make the professional golfers interested in the course. Players of all skill level will have a great time on the Morgado Golf Course. The course comprises of four par-3s, nine par-4s, and five par-5s. Due to its links like features wind will play a crucial role at this course.

Relaxing and Socializing after Golf

The clubhouse, bar, and restaurant at the club present an ideal setting for golfers to relax and socialize with fellow players after a couple of rounds. The clubhouse has spacious changing rooms and open lounges for golfers to have a clear view of the course.

The Practice Facilities

A couple of points came up again and again in the reviews – those are the excellent staff and practice facilities. When you arrive at the course, first visit the pro shop. They hold the latest and popular golf brands. Golfers can also rent golf clubs, buggy, and trolley for a fee.

The Morgado Golf Course has excellent golf academy and practice facilities. To achieve a decent score on this course you need some expert advice; you can get that at the golf academy. The second point is that you need to practice well before setting foot on the course. Practice crucial golf shots at the driving ranges and putting greens at the course.

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