How To Use The Correct Club & Stance Performing A Fairway Bunker Shot

In golf, players would love to hit fairways and greens all the time – make the occasional birdie and finish the round under par. However, this does not happen all the time and it is rather common for players to make mistake and end up making bogeys all the time. One of the most feared shot is the fairway bunker shot. Amateurs usually find it very difficult to play out of this lie and that is completely normal. A slight mishit in a fairway bunker would cause devastating effect and no wonder why people hate this shot. However, if you understand the mechanics of the shot, it cannot get much easier! Here’s what you need to do.

A firm, but not wide stance

Whenever you are hitting from a fairway bunker, you need a very stable foundation from your lower body. Therefore, you would want to dig your feet into the sand slightly. This promotes a better balance to the player and you will be able to swing freely around your body. Having a firm stance also allows you to make a better swing as well, so you will soon find it a lot easier to hit solid shots out of fairway bunkers. Not to mention that this will make the game of golf much more enjoyable! In addition, players do not need a wide stance here, as you might just sway around if you are standing too widely. Adopt a standard stance and that should get the job done for you – you don’t need to do anything too fancy.

The club

Whenever you get into trouble in a fairway bunker, it would be a good idea to get a club or two more than usual to cover for the distance loss. Think of it this way – since sand is very soft, much of the energy generated will be absorbed by it, so there will be less energy transferred to the ball and hence less distance. This has nothing to do with your swing, but it is just a physical effect! You should compensate for this all the time and you must be aware of the wind and other environmental effects. Just do remember that fairway bunker shots can be fairly difficult and with sufficient practice, you should be able to master this shot.

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