Golf Fundamentals: How To Aim With Your Iron Club

Aiming with your golf club can be a complex action to take when you think about. There are various ways to aim with your club that changes elements such as your club face and club head direction. You can have a closed, open or square face when you hit the ball. There are times you need to know which way to establish good alignment or you could hit the ball way off target. Few players get thrown off just by trying to understand different terms use in relation to the concept. Here are a few points to help you understand how to aim with your iron.

  • When you want to aim with your iron club, think about what that means to help you gain different perspective. In this case you work to establish your clubface in position so it faces your target. This helps create a line for the ball to travel when you take your shot.
  • Ensure you have proper alignment before and during the shot to establish promising results. This element has to do with body positioning when you take the shot. This may also affect how you swing. Think about the clubface and how your body position relates to it.
  • When practicing you can use objects such as clubs or alignment rods to help you understand what happens when you hit the ball. You can practice your shots and when you make changes to your positon and club face direction. There are times poor alignment and aim can lead to slicing or hooking the ball.
  • Have an idea of where to hit the ball. You may have a target area to hit the ball which can help you develop good aim. You have something to work toward on the course. This also gives an idea of how your body should be in position to help you achieve the area you want the ball to go.
  • When you have a line established for the ball to travel you can work to align your body along the same line. You can do this with two golf clubs as practice. You can line two clubs on the ground with one across your feet in front of you and the other club outside of the ball. Get in setup position with club in hand. Your feet should line up directly behind the club at your feet.

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