The Easiest Way To Stop Making Chunked Shots

Here is an interesting question; how can you stop something that you do not understand? This is a popular question that is asked back to amateur players who are trying to learn how to stop chunking their shots. Many are the players who read through online forums and magazines and wonder about how they can stop chunking their shots. However when you ask them what chunking is all about, most of them have no idea whatsoever. Therefore before we get into details of how to make a good shot and stop the chunks, we will first of all address what this is. Typically a golf all is supposed to be hit square and nicely. This happens when you hit it right at the center. For you to have committed a chunk, this is not what you will experience when you strike the ball. As a matter of fact, on your part your club will not make proper contact with the ball. In fact you will send the ball flying in a different direction because you have not been able to strike it neatly.

There are a lot of reasons why this normally happens, and once you can deal with some of these reasons you will not have a hard time stopping the chunks. The following tips should come in handy for you as you make attempts to improve your game:

  • Perfect stance
  • Consider the rotation
  • Practice a proper pre-shot routine

Perfect stance

Over and over again you will be told that your stance plays a significant role in the kind of game that you will play. If you have a terrible stance, do not expect anything better when you are on the green.

The problem with this is the fact that a terrible stance often leads to an imbalance in your backswing. As you are practicing your basic golf moves, make sure that you stress on the need to perfect a good stance as you are addressing the ball.

Consider the rotation

Do not be too far from the ball as you are landing down the backswing. Ensure that you maintain a really good rotation on the swing and you will not need to worry about chunked shots anymore.

Practice a proper pre-shot routine

Based on your opinion, would you consider your pre-shot routine to be effective? In most cases, you are chunking shots because you do not really have a proper routine.

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