Golf Lessons: 5 Best Tips For Hitting From Deep Grass

Playing out of trouble can be quite intimidating and most golfers usually prefer not to play in such positions. However, it is still possible to play the ball out of such positions when armed with the right knowledge. When playing in the rough or thick grass cover, your ball may be fully or partially visible. This means that you face the problem of making perfect contact with the ball by playing regular fashion. The thick grass cover will work to take away power and accuracy of the hit. Below we will look at a few simple tips to get your ball out of trouble with the least shots.

The Ball

When playing the ball out of thick grass you will need to make sure that the ball position is right in the middle of your stance. This is the best position when you need to lift the ball out of the thick grass cover. This is also important in providing the balance required for the shot. However, when using a hybrid club, the ball should be moved a bit forward to compensate for the extra loft on hybrid clubs.

The Club

When taking the shot you need to make sure that you use the correct club. The contact with the ball should be as required to ensure that it can lift from the grass; even more importantly, the clubs power should be increased for the perfect shot.


Once you have chosen the right club, you will then need to use the right grip to grip it as firmly as possible. In this case, we are trying to eliminate any chance of the club shifting resulting in a thin hit. It is recommended that you avoid gripping the shaft at the top like it is done regularly. Choke down on the club for the strongest and firmest grip.

The Swing

You will need a ā€œVā€ shaped swing to ensure that you raise the ball out of the thick grass cover. This means that you will have to sacrifice on the distance the ball covers so as to get the ball out of trouble with fewer shots. Your back swing will depend on the grass cover you are facing. Where you face a lot of grass cover, meaning that you will have to trap more grass between the club and the ball reducing power transfer you may need to use a full swing.

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