5 Quick Golf Tips to Help You Master the 60-yard Pitch

It is often stated that the approach game is the most challenging for most golfers. When it comes to making perfect shots less than 100 yards, most golfers struggle a lot. This has major implications in your game given that around forty percent of all shots in golf are made in the short game. This is what has led to the statement that great golfers are separated from good golfers depending on their short game. To improve this part of your game and help you master the 60 yard pitch you must conduct a lot of training.

Using a Pitching Wedge

Align yourself with the pin and open your shoulders to hit the 60 yard pitch. Note that you should use a full swing as opposed to the common mistake of using a half swing in a bid to control the power behind it. By opting for a full swing the ball is sent into the air and lands as required due to the solid contact made.

Using the Gap Wedge

If you are facing a bunker or any other obstacle between your ball and the target, a gap wedge will be great. This type of wedge is designed to raise the ball higher during flight but limit the distance covered. Be sure to evaluate the distance you are facing before using this wedge to avoid landing the ball in trouble.

Using a Lob Wedge

The lob wedge is also a viable option in making successful pitches. It is mainly used like the gap wedge to raise the ball high and to the ground stopping almost immediately. This type of wedge is suited for use in getting the ball over bunkers and other obstacles including trees. You will notice that the ball stops immediately on landing or moves in reverse slightly.


As with every other challenging shot in golf, the key lies more in practice than anything else. With practice you get to try out the different wedges you have as well as relying on different tips to get the best one for you. This shot relies a lot on technique and will therefore get better with practice. As it becomes second nature you will no longer be tempted to avoid this shot but will relish the challenge it poses.

Always Carry your Four Wedges

As you can see in the first three tips on the best wedge to use, it is essential to carry your wedges for an all-round improvement.

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