Hints to Help You Recover from a Bad Drive in Golf

Nobody likes hitting a bad drive off of the tee. In a perfect world, you could hit every fairway and wouldn’t have to deal with recovery shots from the tress, or the sand, or any other less-desirable place. Of course, that is never going to happen. Even good golfers hit bad drives, so learning how to limit the damage and get back on track is vital to keeping your score under control.

Using the following three tips to improve your recovery skills and make the most of a hole that starts with a bad tee shot.

  1. Path of Least Resistance
  2. By far the biggest mistake that golfers make when they get into trouble off the tee is simply trying to hit too hard of a shot to get out of trouble. Once you have hit a bad drive, your mind should shift away from making a birdie and onto playing damage control for the rest of the hole. No matter what, you want to make sure your recovery shot gets back into a decent position on the course so you don’t do any further damage to your scorecard. Even if that means chipping the ball out sideways into the fairway, that just might be what you have to do.

  3. Learn a Punch Shot
  4. Depending on the kinds of courses you play, a wayward drive often means playing your next shot out from under some trees. If that is the case, you are going to need a punch shot to get out of trouble and back onto the fairway. Work on hitting low shots with the ball positioned back in your stance and choke up a couple inches on the grip at the same time. You will want to make a softer-than-normal swing, and strive for getting a low line drive that skips its way through the grass and out of trouble.

  5. Don’t Get Angry
  6. It is easy to get frustrated after a bad shot and let your emotions take over – but you need to resist that temptation. Keep your temper under control and think clearly as you walk up to your next shot. No matter what you do, you can’t go back and fix the poor shot you already hit. Keep looking forward, and figure out what you can do to get out of trouble and make the best-possible score from this point on.

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