Tips for Learning Official Golf Rules

Learning the rules of golf is something that every golfer should strive to achieve. Fair golf competitions can only be contested when everyone plays by the rules, so understanding the official rules of golf and how to use them is important. Fortunately, it isn’t all that hard to get started learning the rules, and you should be pretty comfortable with them after only a short time.

Below are a few basic tips to help you learn the rules of golf. Use these tips, and share them with your golfing friends, so that everyone can play fair during the next round out on the course.

  • Read the rule book. There is no more direct source to learn the rules than to just read the book itself. You can pick up a copy of the rule book for very little money, and you can keep it in your golf bag during a round if you have any questions. The rule book isn’t all that long, so it shouldn’t take much of your time to read through it and get a basic understanding of the rules.
  • Watch golf on TV. Just by watching some pro golf tournaments on TV you can learn a lot about the rules of the game. Many different rules situations will arise during a pro tournament, and the commentators on TV often do a good job of explaining what is going on and what options a player has. As an added benefit, you can learn from their technique and possibly improve your game by watching how the best in the world swing the club.
  • Take a quiz. Look around online and find a rules quiz that you can take to test your knowledge. Sometimes, the best way to learn a topic is to test yourself on it and discover what you know – and what you don’t. Once you get the results of your golf quiz, you can return to the rule book and brush up on the parts that you didn’t yet know.
  • Learn from situations on the course. When you are playing a round and come into a situation that you don’t know how to handle, make sure to look it up in your rule book (either at the moment, or after the round). Over time, you will encounter a variety of situations and will slowly fill in all the gaps in your knowledge of the rules of golf.

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