Are Golf Fitness Programs Helpful?

Golf isn’t the most physically demanding sport – that much you probably already know. However, it still does require some specific muscles and flexibility in order to maximize the potential that your swing has. If you let your body fall out of ‘golf shape’, it can be hard to play your best even if your technique is in good condition. You don’t have to prepare yourself to run a marathon in order to play good golf, but a solid golf fitness program can be a great help.

Flexibility is Key

One of the most important elements to golf fitness is simply the flexibility that you have in your muscles. There is a lot of rotating and twisting during a golf swing, and tight muscles will limit how far you are able to turn – and how hard you are able to hit the ball as a result. Just some simple flexibility work can loosen up your tight muscles and open up the possibility for a bigger backswing and more club head speed down into the ball.

The specific areas of your body that need to be flexible for a golf swing include your back, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, and more. In general, the better conditioned your body is from an overall perspective, the better off you will be when trying to make an athletic golf swing.

Hand and Forearm Strength is Important

Beyond flexibility, having ample strength in your hands and forearms is a valuable asset on the golf course. Whether you are fighting the ball out of the deep rough or trying to splash it up out of the sand, being strong through the hands and forearms is an advantage in that it makes it easier to hold the club head steady through impact. Exercises that specifically target these areas of the body are relatively easy to do and should be able to help your improve your performance on the course over time.

When deciding on a golf-specific fitness program, try to work with a trainer who understands the unique needs of the golf swing and can tailor your workout plan to meet those needs. While getting in better shape overall is a good thing for your life on and off the golf course, some specific exercises could help you to start playing better sooner rather than later. With fitness checked off your list, you can keep working on the rest of your game until you are happy with the scores on your card.

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