Golf Setup Position: 5 Fundamental Suggestions

Golf can be a rather frustrating game at times – it’s almost like you’re playing so well one minute and then you could be struggling the very next moment. Trust me when I say this – but there is probably nothing wrong with your golf swing! It could be due to your set-up and that is the main cause for bad shots. Every good golfer has the perfect posture and setup since that is the foundation of a smooth golf swing. Here are five tips for you to improve your setup so that you can hit solid shots every time!

Make sure your arms are hanging freely

That doesn’t mean they should be loose! However, letting your arms to hang freely would allow you to put your club head in the correct position at set up. Don’t underestimate this part, because that’s how you get a centred strike. It would also reduce the amount of curvature and the initial starting direction of the ball will be a lot straighter. It’s surprising how a little tweak like this has such as big impact, right?

Your weight distribution

Depending on your club choice, your weight distribution should change as well. However, as a general rule of thumb, there should be at least 50% of the weight on your left foot. That’s right – it’s your left foot! The idea of shifting weight to the right and then shifting to the left at impact is too much to handle. Just stack it on the left side. This would help with your strike!

Straight back

Most amateurs hunch their backs. This is pretty much the recipe for disaster. You can’t hit a golf ball with a hunched back! Make sure you have a straight back at set up, so that you can swing around your body properly. A drill to do that would be put a club behind your back and see if your back is sitting properly on it.

Hands slightly ahead of ball

This is the key to striking down on the ball and picking out a little divot – just like a pro! At setup, try and push your hands slightly forward, so that it is ahead of the ball. This would encourage a descending blow to the ball and that’s how you hit a great golf shot.

Head stays still

That’s what you have to try at set up. Make sure your head is directly above the ball and it just stays still throughout the swing. Well, at least through impact it has to stay still.

Hope these tips have helped you with your game!

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