5 Common Golf Swing Faults That Should Not Be Left Unchecked

There are certain bad swinging habits that if not broken now, they will be harder to break later. Yet these faults are so common amongst players that most don’t even notice them. If you want to get better at golf, you need to address these bad habits and replace them with good ones. Here are five that you should take note of.

A swing that goes off track

A crooked swing always starts out nice and straight, but when it comes down, it either goes too much to the inside or the outside. The ideal swing will go the same direction on the downswing as it would on the upswing. So how does a golfer achieve this? First, make sure you have a nice spring-like motion in your swing so that the downswing matches the same trail as the upswing. Second, instead of rushing, pause for a second after your upswing and concentrate on bringing the club back down as straight as you can.

Body manipulation

Two common types of body movement are common amongst golfers and will almost surely ruin your shot. The first is lifting the knees during the swing. This is often done subconsciously because the player feels that he or she needs to add more height to the ball because of an inadequate swing. The second is using the arms to effect a scoop on the ball. Both these are completely unnecessary and will actually ruin the shot.

Premature wrist flexing

Another way players try to manipulate the ball—often subconsciously—is by flexing the left wrist backwards while the ball is receiving contact. This is a bad move that usually results in a thin shot. Keep your left wrist stable and use your right one to drive the club.

A stiff waist

Having a flexible waist is an underestimated tip that doesn’t get enough airtime. The fact is that when your waist is kept stiff, your golf swing will suffer. Consider loosening it up a little or even going to the gym for midsection workout.

Ending the clubface wrong

If you forget to follow through on your shot, it’s something you must work on. Your clubface should always end at the same point in front as it was when it was pulled back. This is called a proper follow through and should not be neglected if you want your swing to do what it is supposed to.

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