The Fail-Safe Method To Cure Putting Yips

There are many ways to cure putting yips. They occur often when the golfer lacks confidence in their ability to make good contact after missing a previous shot. In other words, they may be anticipating another poor shot to occur again. The good news is there are many things to consider that will offer insight on how to improve contact with the ball and how to consistent. The following points offer options to consider you can work into a method on hot to cure putting yips.

Consider a Practice Drill with a Partner

Doing practice drills with a partner can improve overall outcome and understanding of what you should do on the course. The partner you work with can be someone more experienced in the game. They can watch your moves and make suggestions on what to change. You could also consider hiring a golf instructor to help you pinpoint problem areas. Practice a few times to ensure you know what to do and how to do it efficiently on the green.

Develop a Routine for Putting

If you are a new player consider developing a pre-shot routine that will help you practice moves before taking your shot. If you are seasoned consider making a change to something in your routine to give a better result. There are basic elements of putting including watching your swing speed, keeping your iron on the swing path and developing good accuracy and consistency. What elements of your setup will help you establish a good result?

Make Changes to Your Setup and Approach

You can do this as your develop or practice through your pre-shot routine. Pay attention to your body as you set up for the shot. How are your feet positioned behind the ball? Remember if you are trying to cure or correct a mistake you need to make a change that will give a better result. It may take some time to pinpoint the change and where it should occur, but many find it helpful to adjust things such as their grip, stance and how they visualize the shot.

Use Simple Exercises to Help Improve Performance

There are common exercises you can do along with specific exercises recommended for golfers that can help you cure putting yips. Such exercises can help move and strengthen muscles to help you have better control of your club and improve body posture.

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