4 Golf Tips For Improving Your Chipping Mechanics

Chipping is an important skill in golf amateurs tend to struggle with. In some cases the proper club may not be used for the shot. Others tend to get anxious and fail to really analyze the situation before taking their shot. They are ready to hit the ball thinking they will make it or get close to it on the first stroke. Yet, chipping has more to it than you think. A number of elements contribute to a solid technique that will help you see results. Here are 4 tips to consider when improving chipping skills.

  1. Experiment with different types of clubs. A sand wedge is common but many tend to get comfortable with one particular club. A pitching wedge may be worth a try. If you have been using the same club try to change it and use a different wedge. The end result may be different and it can give further perspective on how to change your setup and approach.
  2. Don’t analyze the shot too much or this could affect physical components related to your chip shot. Some golfers may not bother to analyze the situation, while others take too much time. It is good to give yourself an idea of what to do by thinking about your shot and how your body should be positioned during the process. But, doing so for too long could lead to tension and you lose focus on what you should be achieving.
  3. Choose your target before taking your shot. Some golfers will have a target line or area to hit the ball toward. Your target line may help you swing your club through with a trail to follow to keep ball contact straight and solid. The target area may be the place where you hope the ball will come to rest after being hit, if it doesn’t go in the hole.
  4. Get comfortable on the green with your stance and ball position before you take your shot. This will encourage you to line the chip up before taking the shot. When you take your shot everything should be in place to help you make the ball move forward in the right direction. When you are comfortable with your stance it can help you feel better on the green when attempting to hit the ball.

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